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In Demand Home-Based Businesses

February 1, 2007

Homestead Technologies (www.homestead.com) commissioned the findings researched by Darrell Zahorsky, small business expert for About.com and author of upcoming book, "1001 Small Innovations," to encourage the growing numbers of workers seeking greater work-life balance and wealth-building opportunities in recognition of "Home-Based Business Week" (Oct. 8-24th).

The home-based business trends report reveals that service businesses are hot news for 2007, allowing aspiring entrepreneurs to start their businesses quickly and without the hassles associated with inventory management and control.

"One of the most exciting, and untapped opportunities on the internet is people turning their skills and services into small, web-based businesses," said Justin Kitch, founder and CEO of Homestead Technologies, provider of website building software, ecommerce solutions and online products and services for small businesses. "Service businesses traditionally have much lower start-up costs and are primarily very local in scope, so they're impervious to national competition and outsourcing. Of course, many of our customers successfully sell physical products, but most people don't realize that almost 80% of small businesses are service based. At Homestead, we strive to do for small service businesses what eBay has done for product businesses: allow them to create a thriving business from home by leveraging the power of the Internet. Except that your garage won't be filled with boxes of inventory!"

"Much of the appeal of home-based businesses is that the modern workforce has very different ideas about what constitutes work/life balance," said Zahorsky. "Americans spend over 100 hours commuting to work annually, and that extended amount of time in their cars takes valuable time away from their families and the ability to pursue other activities that they would normally enjoy."

Ten Hot Home-Based Business You Can Start Today!

E-Learning: With advances in new web application tools such as podcasts and video blogs, development costs will decrease.

E-Bay Aftermarket: Helping companies conduct market research, pricing strategies, shipping, and competitive analysis is a great niche business.

Children Arts Education: There is a major market for teachers of right-brained education who are thought to help foster the development of future innovators.

Garage Organizers: Just as organizing closets was the next big thing in the 80's, the messy garage is the final space to clean up.

Background Checks: Small businesses with limited resources are turning to background check companies to handle investigation and due diligence.

Pet Sitting: An ideal home-based business where you get paid to walk and enjoy the companionship of pets.

Specialized Coaching: The coaching market has boomed in the recent years including specialized areas such as life, spiritual, corporate, relationship and business.

Home-based Debt Collection: Debt has become a way of life for many Americans. Operating a low overhead home-based collection service can serve the niche sections of this market.

Specialized Outsourcing: The small business market has limited resources and a focus on core competencies. Specialized outsourcing from home to small business will have a solid position market position for years to come.

Scrap Booking: In today's easy to save and store digital age, opportunities abound for the home-based scrapbook artist, workshop teacher, or a direct sales rep.